The North American Gold Royalty Company


Property Highlights (Ag):

Location: Pershing Co., T25N, R32E, Wild Horse Mining District

Elevation: 5,050’

The geology of the property consists of the Triassic-Jurassic Auld Lang Syne Group of slate, phyllite, hornfels and quartzite intruded by a Cretaceous granodiorite. The sedimentary beds are complexly folded and deformed. Quartzite beds are buff colored, <10’ thick, and form distinct outcrops. The granodiorite is exposed mostly in the northern portion of the claim block and varies in composition to being locally dioritic. The rocks are displaced along northeast-striking faults. Silver-antimony mineralization is known to occur within quartz-calcite veins along the prominent northeast-striking faults. There are high grade intersections where smaller cross-faults intersect the main fault.

Although the area is known for silver deposits, there has not been any work done to assess the area for gold potential. Gold can be closely associated with silver in these environments, often in a zoned relationship, so there is a possibility that gold mineralization exists nearby.

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