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Property Highlights (Ag):

Location: Pershing Co., T26N, R32E, Muttlebury Mining District

Elevation: 5,200’

The property is immediately south of the Muttlebury Mine, which has historic production of rich silver-lead-antimony ore. One shipment record for the mine shows 14 tons of ore that yielded 331 ounces of silver, implying a grade of 23.6 oz/t.

The geology consists of complexly folded and faulted Jurassic and Triassic ae metasedimentary rocks of the Auld Lang Syne Group, which appears to be entirely siltstone and shale, weakly phyllitic and with weak fissility. Mineralization is hosted by an east-west striking and flat dipping bull-quartz and calcite vein that might occupy a thrust fault.The vein is approximately two to three feet wide and locally forms a network of smaller anastomosing veins that makes a zone that is one to four feet wide. There is also some gossan type development locally with masses of dark lattices or iron-oxide. Ore minerals include pyrite and possible enargite with malachite and lesser azurite.

There are three adits on the south slope of the mountain along the dip slope of the vein.At least one adit leads to multiple drifts. Although the workings seem to be in decent condition, the host rock, with its abundant fractures and fissile interbeds, should be considered unstable. The waste piles indicate minor production, on the order of ~1,000 tons.

No resource has yet been delineated on the Muttlebury property.No work appears to have been done since the last year of production in 1919 and there is no evidence of modern exploration.

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