The North American Gold Royalty Company

Why Invest?

Ely Gold offers investors a unique opportunity with considerably lower risk than a typical junior exploration investment. Learn more in our Investor Synopsis Presentation here.

Why Invest in Ely Gold Royalties?

Early-stage growth potential

As royalty companies hit their stride and begin earning steady revenues from producing royalties, companies in this sector have traditionally demonstrated exceptional market cap growth in the first five years. With two producing royalties and at least two more coming on stream over the next year, Ely Gold offers investors attractive growth potential.

Management with deep experience in finance, exploration and Nevada mining

We’ve built a team with depth and balance, suited specifically for our business model and the challenges of building a royalty company with a Nevada focus. See our management team here.

Low risk, low cost, high leverage to gold

Our Royalty Generation Model provides leverage to the gold price with zero exploration costs, low overhead with organic growth.

Growing and diversified sources of revenue

Ely Gold’s royalty portfolio includes producing royalties, fully permitted mines, mines under construction and development projects that are being permitted for mine construction. The Company is currently purchasing third-party royalties to add to its portfolio. This diversification provides both short-term and long-term revenue opportunities.

Focused on Nevada

Nevada is the world’s #1 mining jurisdiction, with a pro-mining government, modern infrastructure and a long history of some of the world’s greatest gold discoveries. If Nevada were a country, it would rank #4 in world gold production.

Undervalued compared with peer companies

Ely Gold entered the royalty space just a short time ago. However, we have amassed a portfolio that the market is just now beginning to recognize and evaluate. Thus we believe our shares are undervalued and poised for significant price appreciation in 2020 and beyond.

Partnered with quality companies in the U.S and Canada

Wallbridge Mining, Coeur Mining, Jerritt Canyon Gold and Nevada Gold Mines represent a few of our solid royalty partners. We focus on companies that we know are well-managed, profitable, experienced and effective.

Investor support with dilution-free access to cash

Strong capital structure with institutional shareholders, including Rick Rule and Eric Sprott. Line of credit with Sprott provides up to $6M in dilution-free expansion capital to purchase royalties.