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Create Generational Wealth by Investing in Mining Royalty & Streaming Companies

Mining Royalties Create Wealth Across Generations, Wealth Grows

Are you interested in creating a sustainable wealth that will benefit you as well as your future generation? Mining royalty and streaming companies just might be the answer you’re looking for, i.e., you can create the “tree of wealth” for your family.

You’ve probably heard of the popular marshmallow experiment conducted by Stanford University in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

A group of children were offered a marshmallow at the beginning of the experiment but they were told that if they could wait (instead of gobbling up the marshmallow right away), they will earn one extra marshmallow.

These children were left alone in a room with their one single marshmallow right in front of them. Imagine the temptation!

The sweet ball of goodness was right there for them to enjoy, all they needed to do was reach their tiny hands out. Within one second, they could be enjoying the fluffy treat.

But only if they could wait for 15 minutes, they could have two marshmallows.

As you can imagine, less than a third of these children managed to hold out.

As funny and cute as this experiment was, it tells us a lot about ourselves. For starters, we adults are running –and failing – in the marshmallow experiment of our own. Wall Street is a prime example of that.

Which brings us to the highly rewarding investment opportunity in the mining industry.

Increase your reward and ROI by investing in gold mining companies

Streaming and royalty companies have become one of the favorites of investment bankers as well as retail investors.

For those of you who don’t know: a royalty is a straightforward transaction where the royalty holder receives regular payments based on a percent of the sales.

In a streaming transaction, the holder earns the right to purchase a given percentage of precious metal (for example, gold or silver) at a considerably reduced rate. We are talking about as much as 80% discounted rates! These streams and royalties pay out with long-term success, making it a perfect outlet for creating generational wealth.

Royalty companies provide upfront cash in exchange for a stream or a royalty on a mine. In other words, they sign a deal today that could bring in a steady flow of income for the next several decades. This income allows the royalty company to pay attractive dividends to shareholder.

You can start with the Precious Metal Miners ETF and US Global GO Gold companies. One-third of their holdings are streaming and royalty companies while the remaining are gold miners that offer significant leverage to the gold price. However, to receive dividends you will need to own the individual stocks.


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About the Company

Ely Gold Royalties Inc. is a Vancouver-based emerging royalty company with development assets focused in Nevada and the Western US. Its current portfolio includes 33 Deeded Royalties and 21 Optioned Properties including two separate royalties on the Gold Rock Mine. The portfolio is currently generating significant revenue.

Ely Gold’s royalty portfolio includes producing royalties, fully permitted mines, mines under construction and development projects that are being permitted for mine construction