Developing Royalty Assets
in North America


Ely Gold Royalties Inc. has a unique business model designed to create value for investors without excessive dilution of its shareholders. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Nevada Select Royalty, Inc., the Company is focused on developing recurring cash flow streams through the acquisition, consolidation, enhancement, and resale of highly prospective, un-encumbered North American precious metals properties. Ely Gold’s property development efforts maximize each property’s potential for acquisition, while reserving significant royalty interests. The Company’s experienced management team has a proven track record staking/acquiring properties, then developing the projects through claim consolidation and data compilation to provide its clients with fresh properties that have not see exploration in the current mining cycle. The properties are vended on a option or sale allowing the purchaser to own a 100% interest. The option and advance royalty payments provide growing cash flow streams. The Company also acquires equity interests in the shares of mid-tier gold producers in lieu of some cash payments. Ely Gold is also purchasing existing royalties from third parties. Its recent acquisition included three Nevada royalties and one Canadian property. All of our deeded royalty properties are currently being explored by established mining companies. As a property developer, Ely Gold continually carries on an exploration program to maximize property values while offering shareholders the blue-sky of a significant resource discovery.

This multi-level business plan is a significant improvement on the typical project generator/joint venture model. It allows the Company to maintain a large portfolio of properties and generate significant deal flow. Shareholder value is highly levered to the price of gold. As prices increase, we see growth in the value of our properties, the cash flow from our option portfolio, our equity investments in mid-tier/junior companies, a higher market valuation on our growing royalty portfolio and the blue sky of our exploration program.

Ely Gold currently owns a 100% interest in over 20 highly prospective, primarily un-encumbered precious metals properties in Nevada. The majority of its properties are gold exploration projects located in some of the most prolific and desirable gold trends in Nevada. Ten of the properties, are located in the Walker Lane district of western Nevada and ten are located in the Cortez Trend. The balance of the properties are unique situations throughout Nevada and surrounding western states.